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November 15, 2012

It's fall, and all i can drink is tea.

        I love smoothies during the summer, when tank tops and shorts are the normal wear. But when fall comes around, I want to bundle with scarves upon sweaters, mittens, and beanies. (I live on the central coast, what am I talking about?) Well at least I think it's cold outside, and all I want is hot coffee and tea. Enter in the hot, steaming elixir, which is like a smoothie-tea infusion... that sometimes tastes like coffee?

This guy is full of herbal medicine, and tastes like a satisfying, slightly sweet, malty drink! 

Now, I call for a lot of weirdo hippie herbs in this recipe, which are by no means a 'requirement'. I would recommend any herbs you have on hand that have a chocolately, coffee like depth in flavor. I also sprinkled a bit of cacao powder and bee pollen on top, because it looks pretty. 

Earthy Herbal Elixer 
makes ~ 16-20oz

6 oz freshly brewed hot mate*
12 oz non-dairy milk or cream*
3/4 tsp coconut oil
1 tsp raw honey
1/2-3/4 tsp of the following powdered herbs:
fo-ti root
ramon nut
1-3 drops of liquid stevia, to taste

*If you're not down with the caffeine, or just want some variation, you can go with any black or green tea. Rooibos is also very nice. 

* Regularly I use soy or rice milk for my dairy substitute. 


  1. That sounds really nice. I can see Rooibos good base for this drink. Do you steep the herbs with the mate, or are you blending everything together?

    Maybe I can give you a shee-legit lattee recipe to put up soon.

    ps. I'm curious to see what you make for thanksgiving ;)

    1. The mate is steeped first, and then everything is blended.

      Your shilajit- rooibos latte is the original!